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HeartRacer is a Rhythm based jumping and ducking game created for the TasJam Health GameJam in November 2015.

Using an Arduino and a homemade pressure pad, a laser pointer and a light sensor, the game aims to improve cardiovascular health and promote an active lifestyle in a virtual environment.


Software Demonstration

Hardware and Live Demonstration


Space: Jump
Left Control: Duck/Crouch

The game also detects if an Arduino is configured with the correct input types (A pressure pad and light sensor) and supplied code.

The Music is called "Rhinocerous" by Kevin Macleod. The track is royalty free for noncommercial use and can be found here: http://incompetech.com/wordpress/2015/06/rhinoceros/

Install instructions

The _Game application is standalone and works in 64-bit Windows environments.

The _Source contains the Unity Source code. This should be relatively simple to compile to run on multiple Operating Systems

The HeartRacer-Arduino.ino file contains the Arduino Source code.


Submission_Document.docx 14 kB
HeartRacer_Game.zip 41 MB
HeartRacer-Arduino.ino 4 kB
HeartRacer_Source.zip 123 MB

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